So there I was at my favourite place to browse through retro games, the flea market closest to my house, checking out the latest selections of classic gaming. Then it came to me, that I don’t have a game to play for the upcoming Review A Bad Game Day 2014, an annual tradition celebrating the absolute worst video games imaginable. If you recall, last year I covered the lackluster Raid at Bungeling Bay, and the year before that was the annoying Athena. And I figured I needed to find that special game. One that is worse than all the other games combined, yet such a hidden gem that not many people knew the game existed. But none of the seller’s inventory stood out to be particularly crappy in the Nintendo section, and the Super Nintendo section had mostly the games already talked about by reviewers far better and more popular than I can ever be. Even the suggestions of the store owner were either not bad, or not bad enough to signify anger fueled rantings.

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