Welcome to another exciting edition of The Randomizer, where the games that I play are chosen by the metaphorical roll of the dice. Fun fact of the day: I had to Google search the word “Sophomore” to make sure I was spelling it right in this article, and the first recommended search came up “Sophomore Slump”, so now I’m nervous that this article may not be as good as the first one.

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of my new series, The Randomizer. (Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. Do not read Randomizer if you are prone to dizzy spells or operating heavy machinery. No cash value. Void where prohibited. Offer not valid in Utah and Idaho. If not completely satisfied, return the unused portion with receipt for a full refund.)

You like my fancy banner? I made it myself? You don’t? Well then, if you can do better, then I would like to see it, thank you very much. No, seriously, if you want to make a better banner for my series, I would eternally grateful for it. Art was not exactly my best class in grade school.

So, what the hell is the Randomizer? Basically, it goes like this. I placed every game I own into a simple MySql database. My collections is over 600 games and constantly growing. Some of these games, I’ve beaten, some I’ve played very little, and some I have never played. Then I created a simple script using PHP. (Perl works too, but had issues connecting to the database.) I press a simple button, and it spits out a random game in my collection. Then, I must play it and review it. It’s just that easy

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If you’re like me, you can’t wait for this year to be finally over. And what better way to end it, then with a good old fashioned Top Ten lists of your favourite hobby or pastime. But one small problem. You only saw 15 movies that came out this year, at most, and maybe 7 of them were decent. Well that put a kink in the whole plans, doesn’t it?

Well, I want to try something different, and it’s something you can too. Join me in a brave experiment, where instead of thinking of 20 movies to put into a top 10 best and top 10 worst, let’s share only our “four”.
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You know, it must be amazing to be Scott Cawthon right now.

Currently, the Internet is full of such negative things, like the hostile Gamergate debate, Kim Kardashian’s photoshopped head on a photoshopped naked body, and that frightening Too Many Cooks video. It’s a shame when it’s reverted to the fact that the only thing on the Internet to make people happy is porn.

But in comes Scott Cawthon, an independent game designer whose previous works mostly went unnoticed and ignored. Then in August of 2014, he released his next project, called Five Nights at Freddy’s. A point-and-click horror game, where the objective is to survive the onslaught of animatronic robots. It caught the attention of many, and it became huge among gamers. It was even featured on so many Let’s Play channels, who loved the simple design of the game, and the eerie setting and the jump scares which was easy entertainment fodder. It was the perfect fuel for big names like PewdiePie and Markiplier.

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