Hello, and welcome to the September Checklist. I will be your “guy who wrote something that I am reading” for the evening.

  • Well there really isn’t anything to report. Sorry for this being late, but to be perfectly honest, I really have nothing to say. I have this attitude of not writing if I have nothing to write, and forcing out words onto paper doesn’t give out the best results. Unfortunately that also means that I don’t have a lot of stuff written. I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do. It’s also been extremely busy for me, which is no excuse, but I’m sticking with that for now. I finally got some gaming time to relax, so there will be another retro spectacle article this month.
  • I have been getting a lot of poker practice as well. I still have that Vegas trip in April, and I am saving up for that. Now I have a couple of people that mentioned going to next year’s San Diego Comic Con. That would be an awesome experience, but I am still crunching numbers to determine affordability. So I have a question to my audience. Are you going as well? If so, would you like to meet this quintessential stud muffin?
  • Random thought of the month: Next month is October. And with that comes Thanksgiving. Also with that comes Halloween. I haven’t dressed up for that holiday in years. Mainly because there hasn’t been a dress-up party to go to. If I do this year, and I buy a Fedora, and shave my head, and revert back to a goatee, could I pass off as Walter White? Plus, with a lot of my hair gone, I would be ready for November’s Movember. But this also means I have to catch up on my Breaking Bad. But I only saw one episode, so I have a lot to catch up.
  • Well, football season has started. Because Toronto doesn’t have an NFL team, I don’t really have a team that I cheer for, so I usually choose as I go along. Sometimes I determine based on proximity, and that means I should cheer for the Buffalo Bills, but that’s sure as hell not going to happen. I like the 49ers this year, I’m keeping an eye on the Saints, and I’m curious if the Chargers can be a good team. And in terms of the Steelers and the Patriots, I still hate them, so they can fail for all I care.
  • In terms of the hockey talks, I really hope that there isn’t a lockout, but neither situation would shock me. Quite frankly I don’t care if these players get more money or not, us fans still get gouged from all the tickets and merchandise. And us Leafs fans more so than your team. I would really like to see attendance at the Air Canada Centre to plummet this season so that guys like Brian Burke can start paying attention that us fans are pissed off. One full off-season and he does next to nothing to better the team.
  • And finally in our special All-Sports edition is my beloved Blue Jays, who isn’t doing well this season. And I’m not really mad about it. Really. I would be upset of the season as a whole if we had a bad team, and didn’t have a hope in hell. It doesn’t help that four of our five starting pitchers, and seven of our nine starting players, including our star Bautista, gets severely injured. I mean, what the hell? Also, I don’t entirely blame Romero for his huge slump. He’s all alone out there, and several of those game in his 12 game slide were the offence’s fault, not his. I say, our season is done, and we regroup for next year, and we’ll dominate. But first, an investigation needs to be done as to how the hell so many injuries occurred.

Seriously, I can’t think of much else to say, so let’s see what movies are coming out this month. Sadly, I can’t make it to the Toronto film festival this year, so we are just looking at launching movies.

Yes, I would like to see:

The Cold Light of Day – September 7
Bruce Willis is on a hot streak right now. First, Expendables 2, and now … Well, his name is back in the spotlights. And Sigourney Weaver as well? I had to search who the main character is in, and he was in the Immortals and Tudors, but I am more excited that Willis and Weaver are in it. Don’t know if it’s worth seeing it theatres, but still it looks promising.

The Words – September 7
Isn’t this the second time Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer? Yeah, that was the story in Limitless too. Still, this one looks like an interesting plot. It’s not getting a lot of positive buzz, but who knows, it can’t be that bad.

Finding Nemo – September 14
Yes, they are re-releasing this 2003 movie. And I love this movie. So seeing it again in theatres is something I would not object to. Unless it’s 3D, then screw it.

Resident Evil: Retribution – September 14
This falls under “I’ve seen the previous ones, so I guess I need to see this too”. I really hope this is the last of the series, because quite frankly, we get it.

Dredd 3D – September 21
To hell with the haters, the 1995 Sylvester Stallone version of Judge Dredd was a great movie. And this one looks to be promising, even though it looks exactly like the plot to The Raid: Redemption.

Looper – September 28
Bruce Willis is on a hot streak right now. First, Expendables 2, and now … Ah, that’s where I saw his name earlier. This one, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose leaving his 3rd Rock From The Sun persona far into the distance, another science fiction that looks to wow.

No, I have no interest in seeing:

End of Watch – September 21
While making this list, I was wondering where the bad movies are. Two whole weeks of movies that I would like to see. Then comes this shakey-cam crime drama. Looks completely unwatchable, even though it has Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena.

House at the End of the Street – September 21
Sadly, not a song by Madness, but a confusing-looking scare movie. Rule of Thumb, if you have no clue what’s going on in the trailer, chances are I’m not going to have a clue watching it.

Trouble with the Curve – September 21
My guess is it’s Moneyball with Clint Eastwood. But this looks more boring.

Hotel Transylvania – September 28
Usually I’m all over C.G.I. Animated movies, but this one looks very dull. Doesn’t even look interesting.