It’s been two weeks already since I launched in full form, and if you haven’t noticed by now, it’s been a lot of movie reviews so far. Alright, three reviews. But still, it means that I am giving this project a serious push.

September might be a busier month, and now I am armed with the greatest tool known to mankind since some cave man named Todd Wheel spun a round rock down a hill and called it his invention. I have … A PLAN! (Insert dastardly music followed by me being severely backlit by lightning in the background).

Over the next number of weeks, I will be releasing more posts, some will be spontaneous, like any reviews of movies I see, but some will actually be some I have been planning for some while. I have never been good at this thing called “creative writing” (if you want to call it creative, or writing, I’ll leave that up to you), but I want to get better than this.

The idea behind this “Monthly Checklist” is similar to a State of the Union, month in advance planning session. I want to let you know what my PLAN is for the upcoming month. Gets the reader interested in what may come, plus helps me out with structure.

So far it seems one requested post to make is what I like to call “The origin of a name” (Working title is pending. It’s a work in progress). A lot of you have been asking me about where I got my username, and I actually have a full explanation towards it. Upon proof reading what I have so far, I didn’t realize how long it really is, and quite frankly, I am impressed with how it came out. It will be interesting how some of you will take to it.

Also on the horizon are some classic video game reviews and opinions. I am nearly completed my first one, which is a game that is near and dear to my heart. You may know what it is, but I will say this, whatever you think the first review will be, it’s wrong. It’s not THAT game. Just not yet. Patience. It’ll come. Soon enough.

I am also practicing the whole “Creative” part of the creative writing motif, with a couple of articles, including a Top Ten I have been dying to write up, and one about the last scene of a movie that’s in my top ten of all time. More on that later in the month.

Before I end this, I’m trying out something I did before. In my first attempt at a blog, the last post I did was a list of movies I wanted to see in the next six months. After months of thought after posting it, I realized that it was too big of a time frame. So, while looking at the imdb site, and seeing the movies that are coming out later this month, I figured i’ll just make it for the short time and see how that works. It doesn’t mean I will see ALL of them. That would be difficult, but I am willing to see any of the following, and I will avoid the lower ones like the plague. I don’t know if I will make this into a monthly feature or not, but let’s see how it goes..

So without further ado …

Yes, I would like to see:

Some movies at the TIFF

Oh bloody heck, it’s this month? Must buy my ticket … sold out. Public tickets available September 3rd. Dang it.

The Debt – August 30

Yeah, I know, it came out early, thus, isn’t a “September” movie. But it still looks like an interesting movie. It’s all about espionage, and revenge, and it has suspense, it’s got it all. And come on, it’s got Helen Mirren in it. That woman can do no wrong. (Please note, I have not seen Red yet, so my statement still stands.)

Apollo 18 – September 2

Although it’s coming out really soon, it’s still on the bottom of the list of movies I want to see this month, but I still do. It looks like the same movie as Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity and Quarantine, but IN SPACE(cue deep echo voice there). Still, it looks like a good thriller, and it’s getting good feedback so far.

Warrior – September 9

And here come the movies vying for that spot in the Oscars. Up first, another “Underdog Sports” movie, similar looking to the Fighter from last year, but the twist is that it’s brother versus brother. I am interested because I am a sucker for these types of movies, but with two separate characters to choose from, there actually be more substance in this one. I may have to see.

Contagion – September 9

Directed by the same guy who directed Traffic, a movie I thought I would hate before watching it and actually loved. Now comes another movie collaborating with a tonne of big names. It looks to tackle how fear can tear society apart, and it could be another movie to throw its hat in the Oscar ring. Can it be as successful?

Drive – September 16

Ryan Gosling is slowly becoming one of my favourite actors of the modern era. So, it’s another reason why this little movie intrigues me. Gosling is a Hollywood stunt driver who works part time as a getaway driver for the criminal underground. When one heist goes wrong, it’s up to the action sequences to kick some ass. Sold!

Straw Dogs – September 16

Apparently, this is a remake. I assumed it when I saw the trailer, but I needed to imdb it in order to confirm that. A couple go to a small rural town, gets attacked by the locals, and the man rages back. Looks spooky and weird, and violent.

Moneyball – September 23

A lot of critics are comparing this movie to the Social Network, which I haven’t seen. Why? Well, laziness, mostly. And to be honest, I hate Facebook, the web site. Moneyball the novel is an observation about other statistics used to turn the Oakland Athletics from a near bankrupt franchise, and make it a contender. It may sound like a boring text book being turned into a Brad Pitt movie, but to fans of baseball or statistics, should be an interesting film.

Take Shelter – September 30

Saw the trailer a long time ago, and it sparked curiosity. An odd little diddy about a father having visions of apocalyptic proportions and building a shelter and acting nuts. It’s a weird one, and I might choose to wait until it comes cheaper, but the premise sounds like something that might not bore me.

50/50 – September 30

Speaking earlier of the Oscar race, at the track comes this one. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a man who has cancer, and shows us how he copes with it. It looks to have a lot of humour with it, along with the seriousness of the subject. It feels we’ve seen it before, but I’d give it a shot.

No, I have no interest in seeing:

Shark Night 3D – September 2

I’d rather watch Shark week. In 2D. Wearing 3D glasses. You know, the old paper red and blue glasses that came in the World Wrestling Federation magazines? Yeah, that would be less irritating than this movie.

Bucky Larson: Born to be a star = September 9

It looks like a hybrid of Kingpin and Orgasmo, two good movies, but combined, it looks like a train wreck.

I Don’t know how she does it – September 16

With Sarah Jessica Parker, Peirce Brosnan and Kelsey Grammer, the … ugh. You know what? Neither do I, but with one big difference. I don’t care how she does it.

Dolphin Tale – September 23

Now, if it was dolphins with laser beams attached to their fricken heads, then we’ll talk. Otherwise, it’s Free Willy with dolphins.

Abduction – September 23

I have no idea what it’s about. Who’s in it, does anybody know. Taylor who? What else was he in? Oh, him. PASS! Wait, directed by John “Boyz n the Hood” Singleton? More research is required! Be right back!

What’s your number? – September 30

“Starring Anna Faris”. Three words that guarantee I will not be in the theatres watching this. At least, not voluntarily.