Hello, and welcome back to the website with more something than anyone. Whatever that something is, I have no bloody clue. It’s just coming up to the seventh month since inception and we’re still going. And now, let’s get into it.

  • Weight Gate 2012. As I mentioned on my Twitter feed, I am still at it. The problem is two-fold. One, I feel really silly to keep talking about it over and over, that would be really irritating to brag about how much weight I lost. But the second point is that my weight loss kinds slowed down altogether, and I am fairly disappointed in it. I figured my initial weight loss of 10 pounds in the first week was a fluke, and I learned to accept it. But I am still sticking to it, and after two months I can say that not only have I not had a sip of pop since this quest began, but I have lost a grand total of 25 pounds since the year began. I am still at it, although I am more now trying to find a natural rhythm to life by not going on such a restrictive diet, but I will keep to the basic rules. A breakfast in the morning, a healthy snack and a sensible lunch, and no carbs for dinner. And I have only drank water and tea throughout the day. The occasional beer, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Yeah, I know, not that many postings this month. There’s a perfectly reason. I am suffering from my first writer’s block. It sucks. Just couldn’t think of a word to place on the screen. I saw one movie this month, and I am so rusty at movie reviewing I was ashamed with my end result. I’ll still post it, but I need to rewrite it from scratch. I know there are a lot of writers who have to have experienced the same thing, so if you have any hints and tricks to break out of it, I would love to hear them. As an experiment, I am trying out this web program called write or die which is a program that times you and you have to keep typing, or else. I’m actually using it now. It’s a strategy I have heard before, where you just keep writing without breaks, and that will let the creative flow. It’s working so far, and just keep typing and proofread afterwards.
  • My usual poker venue was sacked this month, and I am still annoyed by it. It used to be Tuesdays and Thursdays were my poker night, and Wednesdays were my writing night, but that’s all discombobulated. I did find a venue that was closer, in Whitby, but it’s on Wednesdays. So now, I have to decide which day will be my writing night, Tuesday or Thursday, and what the hell am I going to do with the other night.
  • Speaking of poker, I was in Niagara Falls last weekend (Canada, not U.S.) for a poker tournament. Got 16th out of 80. Not too shabby. Even made it to the casino, and won $110. Can’t complain about that. I head to Las Vegas next month, so here’s to kicking ass in the Sin City.
  • For some reason, I forgot that I started a Tumblr blog many months ago. Don’t know why, but I had the desire to do something with it, but never did squat with it. I was reconsidering using it for just some basic rants that don’t fit onto this site. I want to keep this site fun, but rant about stuff like sports and politics somewhere else. If I do, would you read it?
  • Speaking of sports … Actually, never mind. I would rather not talk about the Leafs right now. It’s too painful.
  • I had a thought today. I was in a room today where music was playing, and I realized something. You know that stupid Katy Perry song (I know that’s a redundant set of words) Firework. You know with those lyrics Baby, you’re a firework / Come on, let your colours burst / Make ’em go, oh / You’re gonna leave ’em falling down? Doesn’t that mean that if you’re a firework, then you’ll just be bright for mere moments and fade into nothingness? It’s not exactly a great message to teach the kids to burn out as fast as you can and just fade away. Move aside so that the next kid gets his 15 minutes? Shouldn’t we rather be teaching the kids to be the best at what you do and do it every damn day to be a star? I don’t know, just a thought.

Okay, enough of this, it’s time to have a look at the upcoming movies and group them accordingly.

Yes, I would like to see:

The Lorax – March 2
It doesn’t look a thing like the 1972 movie, about an industrialist who ruins a forest to make crappy products and gets nothing in return. I always loved this book, even though it really is environmentalist propaganda, but what the hell, it’s still a good moral story. The newer version can still be good.

John Carter – March 9
A Disney action movie with a really stupid name. Seriously, what’s the name of the hero? Sounds more like a Connecticut business man more than a hero of planets. Should still be a good movie.

Hunger Games – March 23
Don’t know nothing about the books, no how. My sister read them, and said I might like the books. So, I’ll see the movie. The first one, at least.

Wrath of the Titans – March 30
Yeah, I know, the first one was rather dull by comparison. But hey, the sequel can’t be too bad.

No, I have no interest in seeing:

Project X – March 2
You know, if it was the 1987 Matthew Broderick movie remade, I might have reconsidered. But it’s not. It’s another Cloverfield rip-off, from the same guy who made the hangover.

A Thousand Words – March 9
Eddie Murphy stars as a … You know, I can’t even finish this sentence. I can’t even think of a good Eddie Murphy movie anymore, he’s now that bad.

Silent House – March 9
Never even heard of the movie, and the premise, although has a High Noon / Nick of Time real-time feel to the movie, sounds boring. Maybe I am just jaded to horrors like this since I force myself to watch Paranormal Activity. Gawd, that movie sucked.

21 Jump Street – March 16
Why, Why Why? Why, of all the dumb shows that ever existed, do you have to make this show into a movie? And not only that, make it look worse? Seriously?

Mirror Mirror – March 30
Julia Roberts playing evil? Really? Eric Roberts, definitely, but Julia? She can’t even play good that well. Or neutral. Or funny. Or dramatic. Or thrilling. And no, I don’t think she’s that good. I think Eric has the talent in the family.