Well, November 2011 is in the history books. Snow creeped in at the last minute, so winter is coming, and that means 2011 is almost at it’s end. So, this site made it to its fourth month. Thanks to everyone with their reading and their feedback. It all helps.

Change of format this month, as I keep experimenting like a mad scientist. Since I call my monthly status update a “Checklist”, let’s make my scattered thoughts into a list. Cool?

  • Don’t know if it’s laziness or writer’s block, but the flow of words were not strong this month. It could be also because I am doing some side work with some web sites for some extra cash. Setting up a schedule to plan this month. I need to stick to it, I’m bad at keeping a schedule. (Is there an app for that? Android app preferably?)
  • I started typing a post about poker. Is anyone interested in reading that?
  • Not many movies this month. Nothing that made me motivated to spend cash. It’s a shame, but it happens.
  • Finished the first castle in the new Zelda game. I’ll post a first-impressions review tomorrow or over the weekend. After that, it’s back to the retro games. I played a lot more newer games this month, and I need to get back into the old NES. Couple of games on queue.
  • My weekend in Vegas, earlier this month, was fun and exciting. As per what happened, including the gambling, I choose to cite the precedent of “Happens in Vegas v. Stays in Vegas”. In other words, let us never speak of it again.
  • I want to try Saints Row 3. Never played the first two, but this one looks like fun. And I like playing around character creations in games. Don’t judge.
  • Skyrim? Not so much. When it comes to the Elder Scrolls series, I would play for a month, and then stop altogether. Same thing with Fallout 3 series. I wish I had 80-100 hours ot pump into it, but I just can’t.
  • December is here, so I have to stop buying movies and games for a while. Don’t want to receive duplicates at Christmas time. Happened once. Not a very comforting time for anyone.
  • NBA Basketball returns with a shortened season. Less games could mean less losses for the Raptors then.
  • Joffrey Lupal earns third star for November – Go Lupal the Third! Keep stealing the thunder. Leafs are doing well in standings. If only we can find a way to beat Boston without getting humiliated before our next game, which is this saturday against … Boston? Oh man.
  • If Sly isn’t Canada’s Worst Driver this season, I will be shocked. Shocked I say! And yes, that’s pretty much the only show I watch, even though I don’t have the Discovery channel at home right now.

Don’t forget, you can send your comments below, or email them. Any and all feedback counts towards the greater good. (Previously)(at)(Septicor)(dot)(com)

And now our feature presentation, my monthly list of movies I would check out with anyone and everyone who wishes to join.

Yes, I would like to see:

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – December 16
This may sound bad, but I just saw the first Sherlock Holmes movie recently. I feel bad for waiting that long. I loved the first movie. Now I can see the second movie.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – December 23
Here’s the deal. I never read the book, or saw the first set of movies. Do I see the movie before I see the movie? It looks like something I would enjoy.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – December 23
Why not? Tom Cruise revises his best role in the last 10 years (that wasn’t in Tropic Thunder), in the franchise that doesn’t make him look like a total tool. And Simon Pegg is in it? I’m in.

The Adventures of Tintin – December 23
I actually liked Tintin growing up, and unlike about, oh, 100% or so of my friends and family and random strangers asked, I really do want to see this. It looks fun.

No, I have no interest in seeing:

New Years Eve – December 9
I didn’t want to see Valentine’s Day, why would I want to see the alleged sequel/identical movie? Unless I had a date. Then I would consider. But still unlikely.

The Sitter – December 9
Wait, did they remake Adventures in Babysitting? Blasphemy! Plus, have you seen Jonah Hill recently? He looks great now that he lost all that weight. Why do I need to be reminded what he previously looked like?

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked – December 16
The less said, the better. No more chipfunk!

The Darkest Hour – December 23
If it’s even a fraction similar to Skyline, I’ll hurl a brick in the theatre. Looks idiotic.

We Bought a Zoo – December 23
Good for you.

War Horse – December 25
Yeah, yeah, directed by Speilberg himself, based on a powerful book and play. Still not interested to see it immediately. Looks like a rental.