Movie Comment

This Sunday is the Oscars. A time when a bunch of millionarie actors gather around to determine who was the best this year in acting and movie production. Don’t tell anyone about this, but it’s kind of a guilty pleasure of mine to see who wins. I don’t watch the show, naturally. Especially since I have a wall covered in fresh paint that looks far more exciting to watch. And It doesn’t skew my opinions on what movies I like or not I just like finding out what a collective group of know-it-alls think is the best movie of the year. And this year is going to be interesting with a lot of good movies competing for the top spots. And there are some times when I agree with them who deserves the awards.

And there a metric tonne of times that I don’t. Come on, even this year, there are movies and actors who should have at least got nominated for something that was overlooked by the Academy. You know, like Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler.

This is my top ten “Oscar Screw Jobs” of all time. By “Screw Job” I mean those bad decisions the Academy has made, ranging from choosing the wrong winner, to giving recognition to undeserving movies, to not even acknowledging anyone in a particular category.

Three rules to my list. 1) Only one year is represented each entry. 2) Only one movie is represented in each entry. (Although I can say that one should have been replaced with another movie.) 3) These are just my opinions. You may think I’m wrong, and I’d love to hear what you think about my list and what you think was a true screw job in the comments.

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