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Welcome one and all to the grand reopening of my wonderful blog. It’s been at least 3 years since I have touched this site, and quite frankly, I think that’s pretty sad that I have abandoned it. With personal time constraints, including work obligations, I did not have the time to update it when I wanted to. Now, I am dedicated to not use that as an excuse.
A little about me, to get this ball rolling. I have been a resident of the Greater Toronto Area all my life. I am an avid video game and movie enthusiast, and have been for many years. Okay 32 years, but no old jokes. I’m not THAT old, dang nabbit. Hobbies also include poker, mainly Texas hold em, cooking, and learning.
So, why in the ten thousand hells do I have a blog? Good question. The reason is that I am a very, VERY opinionated person. And I have always wanted a vessel to out more opinions, so I want to use this as my makeshift soapbox of all things that need an opinion.
What’s this blog all about? Why did youI bother clicking that link? Please hold all questions until the end of the tour.
Topics will include, but definitely not be limited to:

  • Movie Reviews – I watch a lot of movies, both old and new. I like watching movies. I hope you like watching movies too. I have opinions about movies, and like to share my opinion about watched movies. I’m sure you will agree or disagree with my opinion. And honestly, I would like to hear your opinions about said movies. Seriously, open up the forums of discussion whether you agree that the movie was a touching coming-of-age tearjerker for the entire family, or disagree that the movie was an absolute waste of time and money, and that all the actors and producers, should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Movie lists – Hey, I’m sure by the time I get to the second week of this work I’ll be out of ideas, so to fill the void, some lists of movies that have common ground. It will probably be simple to start, like my top 10 favourites of all time, or in a specified category, and possibly evolve to more detailed lists where the collection of movies or actors have a connecting value.
  • Video Game Reviews – Video games and me go pretty well, and I love them all, from the newer consoles, to the retro classics of our youth. Every so often, I love to dust out the old box of cartridges (Literally, all my games are in several boxes, and the old blowing the dust out of the cartridge until the damn game works), and from that, share some of the classics we all love, and maybe mention some of the hidden gems that seldom have heard.
  • Poker stuff – Oh, did I mention that I am also an avid Texas Hold’em player? Yeah, I’m in a league, so I might voice opinion about the game, or any other type of game. I also enjoy board games too, so I might bring an opinion about that too.
  • Other opinions – I’m not going to delve into politics for one big reason. I do have opinions, but I choose not to share them here. They’re not needed here. This will be about the fun stuff, movies and video games and such. But sometimes, there will be a news article that needs a good smarmy what for.

If you are reading this, the first thing I have to say to you is, “Thanks for reading” The second thing I have to say is that all I ask in return is a little constructive criticism. Any and all feedback is welcome, except for the one-word descriptions, like “You suck”. Tell me why I suck, let me realize the suckification of my ways, so that I may improve it down the road. I am mortal, I am fallible. And yes I do suck. But WHY do I suck. It’s the only way I’ll learn.
Down the road, like this week, you’ll get a couple of reviews. I saw Cowboys and Aliens, so I’ll type up a blurb about my thoughts, and I’m working on some retro game reviews, so that might be going down. I’m aiming for at least a once a week update minimum, to start. That’s the goal, and damn it, I have to stick to it.
Well, that’s it for the tour, thanks for stopping by, remember to visit the gift shop to buy specialty T-shirts and … wait … oh hell, I don’t have merchandise. Well, if you need me, there’s a comment section at the bottom, there’s a contact form for any questions. Washrooms are down the hall, and the maid comes by at 10 every morning with fresh towels. Oh, and no pets and no loud music after 7pm. Dinner is served at 6 on the dot. These fine guards will escort you to your room.